Imagine you're giving a presentation...

Your slides are sleek. Your data is compelling. And your message is transformative...or at least you thought it was. But your audience seems bored - some have dead eyes, others are checking their phones, and one person is asleep!

What could you do to avoid this?

Tell a story!

Stories are a cornerstone of the human experience, and weaving them into a presentation truly can elevate any content. This course will give you the tools to tell stories that captivate today's audiences.

How this course works for you

  • Building blocks

    While other storytelling courses present a single, rigid framework you need to force-fit your content into, this course gives you building blocks that can be used to tell any story.

  • Focused strategies

    Explore proven strategies to help you hone your narrative and ensure you're laser-focused on the heart of your story versus being distracted by side quests.

  • Flexible projects

    Whether you're preparing for an interview, a pitch, a conference presentation, or simply sharpening your skills, the 3 project prompts are customizable to ensure they best suit your needs.

Course curriculum

  1. Welcome!

  2. Why Stories Are Important

  3. The Evolution of Storytelling

  4. Picking the Right Story

  5. Conclusion

About this course

  • $195.00
  • 23 lessons


Melissa Enge

Chief Communication Officer

Melissa Enge has delivered over 60 public speaking and technical communication trainings while a Technical Program Manager and in-house presentation consultant at Indeed. A five-time state science fair champion, she has a degree in Linguistics from Stanford.