On-demand help, at your fingertips

Maybe you have a presentation coming up next week and want to practice in front of someone. Maybe you were tasked with creating the quarterly update but have no idea how to summarize everything your team has done. Maybe you just want a second pair of eyes on your pitch deck before it goes live.

For these situations and many more, 1 on 1 Coaching is the perfect solution! 

These 50 minute sessions are tailored to your unique situation, getting you the help you need quickly so you can get back to things. 

A few example topics we can help with:

  • Brainstorming your content

    Narrow down what to talk about and at what level

  • Fine-tuning your slides

    Get help with overall design, cohesion, and data visualization

  • Practicing your presentation

    Receive feedback on what you want, how you want

Your Coach

Melissa Enge

Chief Communication Officer

Melissa Enge has delivered over 60 public speaking and technical communication trainings while a Technical Program Manager and in-house presentation consultant at Indeed. A five-time state science fair champion, she has a degree in Linguistics from Stanford.