Prepare to Define the Relationship

Defining the relationship (a.k.a. DTR) can be a stressful experience, as it can often feels like a make-or-break moment for the relationship.

This is why we've created this practice conversation specifically designed to give you the chance to practice answering 10 of the most common types of questions you might encounter in a DTR conversation.

This practice conversation can be used in several different ways:

  1. Similar to our other practice conversations, it can help someone whose partner has asked to DTR know what to expect and practice their responses. 
  2. It can help one or both partners think about what they want from this relationship before DTRing, and consider what they might want to cover in a DTR conversation.
  3. If you want help guiding your actual DTR conversation, you can both respond to the questions in this practice conversation (privately or together) to make sure the most essential points are covered.

Why choose this practice conversation?

  • On-demand

    This practice conversation is available 24/7/365, which means you can practice your conversation skills whenever it's convenient for you—starting right now!

  • Specifically targeted

    This conversation is specifically targeted toward the "define the relationship" scenario, so every question will be directly relevant to that experience.

  • The essential questions

    The 10 questions in this interview have been carefully selected to let you practice with the types of questions you're most likely to encounter.


  • How does this conversation work?

    Similar to talking to someone on the phone, you'll hear us ask each question without knowing what it will be ahead of time (closed captions are available if needed, but are turned off by default to more closely mimic a phone conversation). After the question is asked, you'll see a visual timer that will give you a sense of how long you've been talking for. When you're ready, you can click through to the next question and repeat the process.

  • Who will be asking me the questions?

    There are two real human voices you can choose from: a feminine voice (Melissa), and a masculine voice (Nick).

  • How long will it take?

    This conversation includes 10 questions, so assuming an average response length of a minute or two, you'll be in and out in less than half an hour.

  • What if I want to repeat the conversation?

    If you want another chance at the same questions, this conversation can be repeated as many times as you want.

  • What makes this practice conversation unique?

    While there are many places you can get written advice on how to DTR, this practice conversation actually lets you practice.